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Brand loyalty and a sense of belonging and connectedness. So vital, but how to achieve it?

The latest issue of Strategic Marketing for Africa has an absorbing article on game-based marketing In it, Glenn Gillis talks about how gamification can do this and how Sea Monster built a game for Nedbank which allows children to learn about entrepreneurship by becoming digital tycoons. He says “Kids spend up to an hour or more playing . Where else do marketers get the luxury of having 60 minutes to sell their story? They might get a fraction of a second on Instagram, where they’ll compete with thousands of other advertisers, as well as the next big influencers.”

It made me think (with credit again to Nedbank) LOL.

There are innovative quiz options and game derivatives which can be used effectively by astute marketers who are looking to improve engagement with their markets. It can work extremely well. Can we help? Read the article here. Have a look at our website for possible platforms. Or call Avenue to chat on 011 463 7940.

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