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SAICE’s platforms give you the highest reach in terms of quantity, a quality of audience level that is difficult to get elsewhere and the most cost-effective and cost-efficient ad rates. Taking part in Civil Engineering will align your business with a well-recognised and highly respected institution in the South African engineering community and provide you with a positive association with SAICE, a voice for the built, civils and construction environment


Civil engineers design, build, and maintain the foundation for our modern society – our roads and bridges, seaports and airports, drinking water and energy systems, and the infrastructure for a cleaner environment, targeting the members of SAICE will certainly provide you with the best platform to highlight your brand and offerings, and create top of mind awareness


  • A link is sent out to all SAICE members to read the edition at their leisure.

  • Our ABC figure is 15 129, the highest in the sector!

  • It is readily available on the SAICE website, which will allow unlimited opportunities for interactivity.

  • Civil Engineering magazine targets professional civil engineers, technologists and technicians, consulting engineers, contractors, engineers in government, municipal and parastatal services, academics, students and suppliers who see even the adverts as providing them with valuable information on products, services and solutions for their workplace concerns

  • Civil Engineering magazine is promoted on SAICE’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter etc.), further driving traffic for readers to view this edition.

  • Each edition is promoted in the twice-monthly SAICE Newsletter.

  • Each magazine includes a fun QUIZ with a grand prize of R10 000 for one lucky reader featuring each advert, providing the best way to get attention to your message and your services. Readers need to click on the various adverts in each edition to find the answer to the quiz questions.



  • The SAICE website allows you to create engaging ads in multiple formats and target people who actually need your product or service in a cost-effective and very measurable manner. The SAICE website has a number of different banner options, accommodating all budgets, big or small.

  • Average Monthly Pageviews: 60 000

  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 15 049

  • Link: 

Digital advertising creates powerful opportunities for businesses to succeed and create top of mind awareness. Let us put together a proposal for your consideration to fit in line with your marketing budget



  • The SAICE newsletter is sent every second week to the inboxes of 15 000 SAICE members and provides companies with a targeted reach to this desired market, which in turn creates brand awareness and can be pivotal in increasing your website traffic 

  • Please click the link to view the past SAICE Newsletters


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