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Are you wanting to target the Decision Makers in the Electrical Engineering Industry? SAIEE brings over a century of commitment to skills and professional development in the critical area of electrical engineering in SA.

The wattnow magazine is published by SAIEE ( the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers), this monthly magazine highlights the exciting worlds of technology and electrical engineering.

  • The wattnow is sent out on a monthly basis to all SAIEE members, also published online 

  • ABC verified circulation 

  • You reach ± 40 000 Professional Engineers with your message worldwide

  • Our membership of more than 7 000 engineers are professionally engaged in the full range of engineering activities

  • You have access to Decision Makers in the Engineering Industry

  • Your online message reaches ± 20 000 new visitors monthly

  • Your message has access to tertiary institutions

  • You earn preferential rates for the use of the SAIEE Head Office facilities

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  • Official website for the Institute of Electrical Engineering

  • Showcases industry news, upcoming events and matters of interest for all members


SAIEE Newsletter

  • Mailed directly to every member and subscriber with latest information and offers from the SAIEE

  • Sent out weekly

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