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 Sponsorship Sales 

The Avenue Company is your indispensable resource for the essential funding part of your event.  From sponsorship generation to exhibition stand sales, for physical, streamed and hybrid events, Avenue can effectively target and pitch your event proposition to the right niche target market. 


Let’s talk about your gap in the market and the market in the gap.

What Our Clients Say

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Vishaal Lutchman

Chief Executive Officer, SAICE

"This is a testament to the incredible capability of Barbara Spence and her team. Her unwavering support for SAICE since 2003  for advertising funding in support of our events has made SAICE successful in all of the SAICE Presidential Inaugurations, National Awards, Monthly magazine and other strategic initiatives where we have leaned on her for support. Her ever-willing and supportive demeanour are sincerely appreciated by the SAICE team whilst she may give you the impression that you are her only client. Feeling special is rewarding when you know Barbara plays the long game and her strategic outlook in the way she builds and maintains relationships is second to none. Any client will be fortunate to have her as a partner whilst those that don’t, may not know what they are missing out on."

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