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You have the data, strategy and product to rise above the competition

A quote from Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur. I find him inspirational. Events this week have brought the truth of these words home to me.
So how to get out there and do it, to rise above the competition?

The world is always changing and yet we do the same things over and over. Albert Einstein told us this doesn’t make sense. We cannot keep doing the same campaigns and marketing that we always do.

Be different.

Again, in the words of Seth Godin, “the only way to be indispensable, is to be different”. And use humour, innovation, value, trust and simplicity.

The Avenue Company has the platforms and the media for your business to be seen to be different. And indispensable! Look at our media channels here.

Can we help?

Want to chat? Contact Barbara Spence on 011 463 7940 or email me on

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