• barbara388

You can't change what you don't acknowledge

The investigative journalism that we enjoy in this country is rare, but where we get it, it is impressive and often achieved in the face of daunting obstacles and deriding dissenters. One example, Carte Blanche, has a motto of honesty and presenting the truth.

Honesty is the best policy. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Truth enables change. And marketers who ensure that their advertising and promotion is scrupulously honest will benefit from enhanced brand integrity and increased customer trust.

On Digital Doughnut, Kate Wolwort writes about the 6 trends in digital advertising that will take us to 2019. She calls the 6th trend: “Fair Play is Nigh”. There is a developing groundswell of opinion against playing dirty in any form of advertising. This will steer our marketing approaches for the better in my view. Watch this develop!

Magnus Heysteck wrote an excellent article yesterday along similar lines:

What don’t you acknowledge?