• nicole10388

Why wouldn'tchya?

SAICE’s annual Awards will be held virtually this year on 23 October. This is one of those no-brainers. It’s a “Why wouldn’tchya” question, along the lines of that used by contestant Jess in The Block 2018 Australia series

Indeed, why wouldn’tchya?

The SAICE Awards is the ideal opportunity to spotlight your business at one of the biggest awards ceremonies in the built and construction sector. This event recognises well-engineered civil and construction engineering projects as well as honouring individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the profession. Now as a virtual function, with free attendance, easy access for national and international registrations, and no travel, accommodation or table costs, the sponsorship partnership provides so much more. We predict a quantity and quality of audience that will exceed your expectations! This is the new way of doing things. Much bigger numbers. Enviable engagement levels. Much better returns.

Think about why virtual eventing works. Think about the features and the advantages for the attendees. Then consider the very real gains for your business in terms of advertising reinforcement from the package offered. What’s that worth? Why wouldn’tchya? Sponsors get:

  • access to an opted-in attendee registration list of contacts and email addresses

  • a PCA (post-campaign analysis) with number of registrations, number of final actual attendees, click-thru reports, social media engagement reports etc.

  • a recording of the event also available to all to view on the SAICE website and SAICE’s YouTube channel

  • a connection with those that have made an impact in the built environment

  • strong business leads for follow up

  • a strong brand image and media exposure

  • positive halo effects from top industry talent and future potential employees

  • front and centre business exposure at this prestigious event

  • valuable ROI

alignment of your business with SAICE, a highly respected association in the industry

Willing to look at this further? Why wouldn’tchya? Click here for additional information.