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The Avenue Company, a small, happy media sales organisation needs to grow our team with an additional advertising sales executive. This is an excellent and a valuable opportunity to learn the business of advertising, marketing, sales, and media first hand and to work directly with marketing managers and ad agencies. It would suit either a junior or a “recruit my mom” applicant.

Learn the business from both sides! Promote and sell the benefits of various advertising and marketing platforms and channels in the B2B space on digital magazines, websites, newsletters, webinar opportunities, and sponsorship sales.

What’s needed is an ebullient, nurturing, people person who is able to interact professionally and persuade marketing managers and ad agencies. You need to be confident and able to phone and video meet with existing advertisers and have excellent communication skills to handle email proposals and pitches. Meticulous attention to detail for the admin side of the job is essential. The usual computer literacy, business basics, etc. go without saying.

  • Small basic salary plus commission

  • WFH

  • Internet phone provided

  • 8 to 5 Monday to Friday

  • You need a laptop and reliable internet

  • Will connect to the company network and work off the server

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