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Want better performance from your marketing budget? Consider the latest MIW stats

Media Inflation Watch (MIW) data for 2018 has been released by Media Manager.

For the print B2B sector, the key points deserve your attention:

· Average overall ad rates increased by only +3.19%

· Performance (i.e. circulation/reach) increased overall by +1.18%

· Which translates into a MIW index, or cost per thousand increase, of +6.38% (very favourable compared to other print categories, and to TV, Radio and Online).

Against a background of declining circulations, in the titles that Avenue represents, our advertisers benefited from higher circulations.

Media Manager concludes that circulation is the main business driver in this sector. Avenue’s print platforms provide enviable cost and media inflation statistics.

Want better performance from your marketing budget? Use this knowledge, and our B2B platforms to your advantage.