• lauren6607

Use Trusted Media Brands

You may feel that the current uncertainty precludes any possibility of planning. That may indeed be our reality right now. At Avenue, we are adopting an “AND + &” approach to ensure that we remain “the way to go” for your media and marketing solutions. Even amongst all the changes and the chaos, we pride ourselves on remaining reliable, dependable and trustworthy. Our media platforms all have unique propositions to get you in front of highly desirable audiences and your prime target markets.

A recent post from FIPP talks about how digital subscription volumes have started to accelerate as readers search for trusted media brands. Everlytic’s email stats show that the overall open rate in March was really high (close to Black Friday figures). Consider these facts. Will it make a difference to your clients that you kept engaging with them over this time? Make sure that you use trusted media avenues to do so.

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