• nicole10388

Time to bloom!

Veld& Flora takes readers behind the scenes – onto mountains and shores, into labs and glorious indigenous gardens. It follows the contemporary trend for informing readers about environmental and scientific issues in plain English, showcasing the passion of our country’s plant enthusiasts and making for exciting and motivating reading in this era of the climate crisis.

The exciting Spring edition of Veld & Flora promises articles and features that will provide enthralling reading for all 20 000 members of the Botanical Society of South Africa.

But this provides more than just good reading for The Botanical Society members. This magazine provides perfect advertising opportunities.

Veld & Flora magazine is an exciting and valuable avenue to reach nature lovers and those committed to our fantastic natural heritage. Advertising rates range from R26 381 for premium positions to as little as R2 736 (all rates quoted excluding VAT). There is huge value here for advertisers and this exposure makes good business sense.