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The SAIMM Journal - features for the last quarter of the year

We are effectively into the last quarter of the year. If you would like to ensure a full order book for next year, showcase your services, products, solutions and successes to your prime target market in a successful publication that also provides your best deal on advertising rates.

The Journal of the SA Institute of Mining and Metallurgy goes out to the members of the SAIMM - engineers, metallurgists, chemists, physicists, geologists, certificated managers and technikon diplomates, all of whom have an interest in the fields of mining, extractive metallurgy, metals technology and related areas.

Features for the remaining issues are as follows: October - General papers edition November - Deep mining edition December - General papers edition

Particular prime positions still available are:

· October edition Double Page Spread @ R 28 863

· October edition Front Cover @ R 31 753

· November edition Outside Back Cover @ R 26 461

· November edition Full page @ R 15 876

· December edition Inside Back Cover @ R 21 184 (all rates quoted excluding VAT).

Little or no advertising is business suicide. Advertising is not expensive, particularly in the SAIMM Journal where there is no wastage of your marketing message - every reader is a potential customer or a leading opinion-former. Combine our print and online platforms for total exposure.