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The August 2022 SAIMM Journal is our long-awaited FEATURE ON COAL.

The coal mining industry is currently a controversial discussion topic.

World energy consumption is growing,

and reliable forecasts say total energy consumption will increase by around 60% in the next 20 years, and coal will still be the major source of power globally.

Whether you are a mining company or a service provider, be it consulting, large equipment, PPE or software, you simply can't afford NOT to take advantage of this focus to reach the well-respected thought leaders and opinion formers in the mining and metallurgical industry, many of whom are either members of the SAIMM or members of the SAIMM's International Alliances.

Did you know that the SAIMM Journal is endorsed by the Department of Education and is a valuable source of information to both learners and students throughout

Southern Africa?

SAIMM offer various extremely effective advertising opportunities and platforms to suit your unique marketing message from Journal premium covers, traditional adverts and sponsored content placements to online marketing and sponsorships.

Click on the button below to find out more, or to reserve your space in what promises to be a bumper-packed edition.

or call Barbara Spence on 011 463 7940

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