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Use the latest ABC figures to decide where to place your message

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

The ABC circulation stats for Q2 2019 have been published. The Avenue Company is proud to be associated with a number of titles who have scored well against the prevailing tide of results.

· Plus 50 magazine increased its circulation by +21,5% against the previous quarter and by +22,1% over last year

· The SAIMM Journal increased circulation by + 15,6% over Q1 2019, and by +6,7% against the previous year and achieved this in a sector where two titles have been discontinued

· SAICE’s Civil Engineering confirmed circulation of 12 471 is more than double that of its nearest competitor

· Although the SAIEE’s wattnow magazine circulation dropped this quarter to 13 391, it is still way ahead of its nearest competitor (6 575)

· Fire Protection, the journal of the FPASA is providing advertisers with a circulation +3,7% ahead of last year

Well done to these successful titles! Where do you want to position your marketing message? Make sure you are reaching the quantity and quality of audience that you need to influence.