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Support SAICE’s expert research on infrastructure

Road infrastructure report: A deep dive into SA’s roads

SAICE’s publication earlier this year of their highly respected Infrastructure Report Card has received well deserved attention across the board even being addressed in the President’s weekly newsletter recently.

But the published report card is in many ways an executive summary of many hundreds of pages of detailed research. In current and forthcoming editions of SAICE’s monthly magazine, Civil Engineering, there will be “deep dives” into the expert views that produced the Infrastructure Report Card, articles that are “must reads” containing a wealth of information.

Align your business with SAICE’s work here with a once-off marketing message about your company solutions. Or sponsor this series. Benefit from the attention that these assessments are enjoying both within the industry and from the public at large.

This is an invaluable opportunity to promote loyalty for your brand and in the process to grow market share and increase business.

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