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STTALKS - Get the connections you need!

As an astute marketing manager, you know that you need to have your marketing message consumed by your customer at ALL the media paths to persuasion and on all the touch points (print, online, face-to-face, etc.). You need to be exactly where your customer is and where he wants to interact.

You also know that face-to-face interactions are still the best when it comes to capturing attention, recall for your message and building longstanding and sustainable relationships.

SAIEE knows the value of this for members and for our partners. But we all know that meetings with the right people are hard to come by. Work time is limited and pressured. And executives are reluctant to agree to meetings where they know they will be sold to.

The SAIEE has the perfect platform to address your sales and marketing woes and to get you the connections you need.

With STTALKS (SAIEE Technical Talks) you will be able to present to a desirable audience face-to-face when they have the time, and the inclination to interact with you!

On 22 August from 6pm, SAIEE will pilot a monthly STTALKS meeting

· Free of charge for its members

· As the programme grows and evolves, we plan to have CPD accreditation at these events

· And we expect to have this live-streamed to the 9 SAIEE Centres across the country.

This first one, which is sure to attract the most attention and interest, will be a tech talk on lightning delivered by the author of one of the articles in the August issue of wattnow with a feature on lightning. We envisage around 40 professional attendees for the first one at SAIEE House, and going forward, will deal with oversubscribed numbers with repeats or moving to a different venue.

For those businesses who want to present their lightning, earthing and surge solutions, a package of R29 000 (excl. VAT) entitles you to

1. A short 8 minute presentation at the beginning of the event technically focused around your product/service and your project experience

2. A table and area for your banners and brochure display for you to conduct business on the night

3. A full page advert in the lightning issue of wattnow

4. A rotating leaderboard ad for the month of August up on the SAIEE website

5. A banner ad in one of the weekly newsletters emailed to the SAIEE members during August

6. Amplification for your company on the SAIEE social media channels

7. Distribution of the video of the event on the SAIEE website


Want to interact personally and foster connections with the SAIEE membership?

How is your usual advertising working for you? Use the launch of SAIEE STTALKS to achieve your sales and marketing objectives. Contact me now to book. Contact