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Strategic Marketing - the perfect platform for your brand

The latest Journal of Strategic Marketing is here and we are very excited to share it with you. This edition comes in a digizine format and is accessible to download right here…/April-2019/index.html or on the home page of the IMM Graduate School website

In this issue we look at how marketing has changed - from 4P's to 7P's; the importance of including social issues and trends in branding and marketing strategies; differentiating the woke marketer from the rest. Also, knowing the great impact marketing campaigns can have, we investigate the importance of crisis communications and reputation management. Lastly, we also look at the responsibility all marketers and businesses carry surrounding sustainability.

This issue asks of you to think and create differently. Happy reading and do let us know of the articles you enjoyed, or would like to know more about.


Issue 3 Booking Deadline is the 1st July, let us know if we can reserve a spot for you.