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Still want to ensure a strong finish to 2022?

How has this year been for your business?

Do you still have sales goals and more to achieve?

The last months of each year are critical for three business objectives:

  1. To drive your 2022 profitability as far as you possibly can

  2. To remind your existing customers to renew their orders with you for the year ahead

  3. To attract brand new customers to give you an opportunity to quote for their business in 2023

Book for both our remaining two editions of Occupational Health Southern Africa this year and you will enjoy a worthwhile volume discount.

If in addition to this, you can capitalise on the relevance of our features around:

  • Hand injuries

  • Psychosocial support & employee wellness, and

  • Medical waste management

then your ROI will be further amplified and provide a level of recall and response to your marketing message that should delight you.

Our value add savings make this a no-brainer.

Can we reserve some profiling of your business in our next tow journal editions?

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