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ST-TALKS - the new-style sponsored monthly meeting and marketing opportunity!

The SAIEE (The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers) ST-TALKS is a brand new country-wide monthly meeting with the presentation streamed simultaneously to all SAIEE Centres. These will be linked into the wattnow magazine feature articles, advertising and website. The goal of these meetings is to provide an opportunity for members to interact with their engineering colleagues.

SAIEE House in Johannesburg will host these new-style monthly meetings. Our September meeting will focus on MINING as the feature for the September issue of wattnow. The SAIEE Technical Talks or ST-TALKS will take place every third Thursday of each month.

The sponsorship package provides a prefect opportunity and real attention value.

Sponsorship Package: R 29 000 (excl VAT) includes:

1. A 8 -10 minute presentation at the beginning of the event showcasing your company/product/service and presenting your business to an engaged audience 2. A table and area for your banners and brochure display for you to conduct business on the night 3. A full page advert in the wattnow magazine 4. A rotating leaderboard advert up on the SAIEE website 5. A banner ad in one of the weekly newsletters emailed to all the SAIEE members 6. Amplification for your company on SAIEE social media channels 7. Distribution of the video of the event on the SAIEE website

Want to interact personally and foster connections with the influential SAIEE membership?

How is your usual advertising working for you? Use the launch of SAIEE STTALKS to achieve your sales and marketing objectives. Contact me now to book.