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Sponsorship brings it home!

We all know that it makes good business sense to drive your message across ALL media platforms, magazine advertising, websites, newsletters, webinars, social media, etc. The most effective path to persuasion is to use all the available marketing tools.

But recent case studies have proven that sponsorship has some especially successful outcomes. The level of engagement is one. The “feels” is what drives commitment and loyalty.

Have a look at how the Spur sponsorship has impacted on their financial bottom line.

Consider the market share wins that Sixty60 has achieved despite being a late entrant to this space.

At Avenue, we have some real invest-worthy sponsorships available that make the same sort of business sense.

1. The SA Institute of Electrical Engineers Awards event in March

2. The Fire Protection Association’s InFIReS conference later this month

Sponsorship brings it home, brings a level of engagement and the “feels” that make it so successful. But this translates, to an enviable market share and to great financial results. The evidence from Spur and Sixty60 prove the point.

Interested to find out more? Let’s chat.

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