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SAICE supports Civil Engineering magazine advertisers in a very concrete way!

Over the past three years, SAICE has put over R300K behind an investment to ensure and guarantee that our advertisers get an enviable and unbeatable level of attention and engagement from their advertising messages.  SAICE rewards one reader every edition with R10000 cash for correctly answering questions which require that the adverts are read, understood, and in some cases advertiser websites are visited, in order to get the correct answers to a monthly quiz.  Clear demonstration of SAICE’s commitment to partnering with our advertisers on their marketing goals and objectives!


Over the weekend, while paging through a commercial, consumer magazine, I noticed that they were also offering a reader prize for a competition featuring their adverts.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of compliment.  However, the prize in this case was not a cash investment by the publisher, but a product gift set (provided by another advertiser, not the publisher), worth only around 10% of what a Civil Engineering reader wins!

Advertisers in Civil Engineering magazine enjoy advantages and benefits well beyond the norm.  This feature gives marketers a defensible guarantee of getting your message to a valuable audience.  Need to prove your ROI?  Interested in how it works?  Give us a shout here

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