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Reserve your message in the next Longevity edition now!

The 2024/25 annual print edition of Longevity has started hitting the shelves at Woolworths and Exclusive Books. It is a must-read, all 148 pages!

Our current advertisers in this bookazine will relish their exposure, additional coverage, and the value add they will enjoy from their partnership with Longevity and it’s 35-year history of high-quality publishing They will benefit from the following features, benefits and advantages: 

  • 12 000 copy sales in print for starters

  • Reader audience demographics that are hugely desirable both in quality and quantity (ask us for data)

  • The classification as a bookazine means it has an “on the shelf for sale” period of a year (providing available stock allows)

  • The mag is live on the international digital newsstand Zinio

  • For the first time, Longevity will be available in digital format on all SAA regional flights into Africa

  • Additional print distribution on these flights is currently being investigated

  • Every week the mag will be featured on #WednesdayWellness on Instagram with exclusive specialist interviews or feature discussions

  • Promotion on social media

  • Airport lounge distribution in due course

Longevity has an enviable brand presence that is hugely to the advantage of our advertisers.

Want to ensure that your brand collaborates and features in the next Longevity issue? Keen to reach this desirable reader and enjoy this level of showcasing?

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