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Remind the industry what your business is famous for!

The next edition of wattnow features Power Engineering. It is an important subject and one that generates much attention from our SAIEE members.

We have highlighted this theme in our magazine previously. The difference here is that our magazine is now distributed electronically, and therefore also to a much wider audience than the SAIEE members alone. It comes with being able to use live links in your advert, to embed corporate videos and YouTube, and to exploit this interactivity to drive business enquiries your way. We have well-priced package deals which include website banners, webinar sponsorship and other exciting value-add options to remind the industry of what your business has become famous for! Click the Online advertising rate card, which details our wattnow, website and newsletter options. With the following strategies, SAIEE ensures that your advertising is effective:

  • A link is sent out to all SAIEE members to read the edition.

  • It is readily available on the SAIEE website, which allows immediate and unlimited opportunities for interactivity and not just for SAIEE members to view.

  • SAIEE’s social media pages (Facebook etc.) promote each edition of the magazine, further driving traffic again for a target-rich audience.

  • Each weekly SAIEE Newsletter profiles the magazine even further.

Deadline is 19 June.