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READ ALL ABOUT IT! JUNE 2022 issue of Strategic Marketing for Africa magazine

Strategic Marketing for Africa is the premier magazine dedicated to covering the business of marketing across the African continent. The official publication of the African Marketing Confederation, it has been published in various formats since 2008 and provides credible, coherent, and courageous editorial coverage on all matters related to marketing and its associated professions. Read the JUNE edition here, where we touch on the following HOT topics:

  • Africa’s young and idealistic, go getting Generation Z

  • Strategies that win in Africa

  • Dedicated African business news platform launched

  • To do influencer marketing right in Africa, think ‘nano’ first

and much more! Give your business the best chance for

  • top-of-mind awareness with your prime target market,

  • huge attention from decision makers and thought leaders, the necessary notice and recall for valuable business enquiries

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