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Power Engineering! And the power of wattnow magazine

The SA Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) is a powerful Institute. Their official monthly publication, wattnow, is a powerful platform. This power provides you with -

Powerful choices - advertise in print, on the website and in the newsletter or any combination of these multiplatform opportunities as package deals.

Powerful value - Highest circulation and reach by far, plus you can advertise at the most cost-effective rates around. Ask us.

Powerful exposure - Reach our valuable audience wherever they want to be reached (on their mobiles, on paper, desktops) with innovative advertising that stands out and works (different positions, flysheets, sponsored content, etc.), and

Powerful investment by the SAIEE in providing more of what our members and advertisers want (read the President’s message in all editions of the magazine)

Your marketing messages can exploit all the touchpoints and capitalise on the value of each of these media “paths to purchase” to drive demand for your business. We have done our research and compared our rates with other options in the marketplace. Ask us, it will make your decision on which marketing channel to choose so very easy!

But make sure you don’t miss the power of our bumper June power feature to drive your marketing message.

Booking Deadline is 7th June 2019