• nicole10388

Plus 50 magazine – the ideal platform to reach this audience segment

Spending stats internationally show that the Plus 50 audience segment controls a valuable amount of disposable income! This is a demographic segment well worth paying attention to. As yet, marketers have not sufficiently realised the value of targeting this audience in their strategies. The best opportunity to do so lies with the alternate-monthly, nationwide, lifestyle, Plus 50 magazine that has established an enviable engagement level and a presence here over the past 15 years. With a complementary TV and radio presence, Plus 50 is a unique magazine in South Africa, exploring the topics of travel and leisure, retirement planning, inspiring personalities, health, sport and activities, anti-ageing strategies, money matters, and more in a way that is highly focused and specially attuned to their needs. You can address this audience effectively here and reap the very real benefits from their notice, attention, awareness and response to your message. Why not lock in your media planning for the remaining 4 editions for this year at an unbeatable rate of R11 800 excl. VAT (total spend of R47 200 excl VAT)