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The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) has a dedicated Transportation division committed to the advancement of Traffic and Transportation Engineering in South Africa. This is a subject critical to South Africa’s economic development. SAICE’s September issue of Civil Engineering will feature current thinking around all modes of transportation (rail, road, air, etc.), cutting edge studies, knowledge and applications of transportation engineering practices.

A must-read article will be the deep dive into the roads sector of SAICE’s recent Infrastructure Report Card sharing the content of the research work done and the view of SAICE’s experts which rightly received huge media coverage earlier this year.

Partner with SAICE on this important initiative, present your credentials and solutions for the allocation of contracts and projects to our 16 000 members of SAICE. Our audience is exactly the target market you need to influence - professional engineers and decision makers in the construction, civil, municipal and built environment sectors. Our reader quiz ensures that your marketing message gets the attention you are looking for.

There are effective opportunities for content marketing and interactive brand exposure that should interest you.

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