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Partner on SAICE’s water initiatives!

Water headlines are all about water woes...

Every year SAICE dedicates substantial investment of its resources to two powerful initiatives that go a long way to tracking the challenges we face. There are important and valuable opportunities here for partnering with SAICE for mutual benefit.

1. The annual SAICE AQUALIBRIUM Schools Water Competition, which enjoys widespread and mass media exposure and acclaim.

Sponsors get brand extension synergies that reinforce and strengthen the impact of your general sales and marketing strategies. This is truly an event that allows us to highlight water issues and work towards the transformation of the scenario.

2. The annual June Water Engineering issue of SAICE’s monthly magazine, Civil Engineering. This features on the calendar of water engineers, and delivers the latest cutting edge developments in the field to the experts and the authorities alike.

Civil Engineering is the perfect advertising avenue for you to use to influence these opinion formers. Imagine the possibilities for different headlines if we work together. Do you want to impact and collaborate? Is this the right strategy for your business? What’s next for your marketing and business development? Aqualibrium and the water feature in Civil Engineering should be there!

We reach all of the right people in engineering in government, municipal and parastatal services as well as those planning and maintaining South Africa’s infrastructure and the operation of essential services.

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