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Now is the right time to guarantee that you retain your existing customers and get new ones!

This time of the year is crucial in determining whether you make your sales targets for 2020 or not. It is the time of the year when

. Budgets are being reviewed for next year and you want a chance to be asked to quote

. Company directors, project managers, electrical engineers and technical specifiers are planning strategies for the year ahead

. Companies review their existing suppliers checking on SLAs and competitive pricing

It is critical then that your business is approached to pitch.

So how then do you reach the breadth of the industry quickly and effectively - the wattnow magazine is the way to go!

  • The right track record (a 100 year-old history of serving the profession)

  • The credibility you want to be associated with (official mouthpiece of the SAIEE)

  • The notice you need (the mag gets huge attention from the industry)

  • The audience that interests you (members of the SAIEE and beyond with the highest accredited circulation in this sector)

The SAIEE platforms include opportunities for reaching the audience exactly where they access their market information.

1. In print (wattnow magazine, the official publication of the SAIEE)

2. Online (The SAIEE website and the SAIEE weekly newsletter )

3. Face-to-face networking for better engagement (ST-TALKS SAIEE Technical Talks)

A bespoke customised combination of these channels can be specially packaged for your needs. This is a critical time. Act now. Use SAIEE’s marketing platforms to work effectively for you.

If you have case studies or content relating to Automation that you would like to showcase to the SAIEE members, please forward your potential articles onto for consideration.