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Need to grow your customer base?

will ensure you reach key people in the security industry including suppliers, buyers, integrators and end-users because:

  • our monthly digital magazine, the official journal of SASA enjoys a circulation of 26 100 readers

  • our website boasts 30 462 annual users and 46 664 annual page views

  • we have a large social media following

For 41 years, we have been marketing to, and connecting suppliers, both local and international, with buyers throughout Africa by offering innovative and varied platforms for your messages:

  • Monthly interactive digital magazine

  • Website

  • Newsletters

  • Social media posts

  • Online buyers directory

Contact us, and together we will create a marketing plan that not only suits your budget, but is guaranteed to ensure that your products and services receive the customer notice, attention and recall that you are looking for.

Call Barbara Spence on 011 463 7940 or email

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