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Much, much more value in sponsorships!

Why sponsor? And particularly why sponsor SAICE events?

Consider that

  • Firstly, you have disposable time with the audience, something that is increasingly difficult to get lately

  • Secondly, you get great promotional benefits from SAICE giving you more than a 3 to 1 ROI

  • Thirdly, by repeatedly sponsoring the same event or the same award category, your business enjoys a huge halo effect and reputational/association benefits.

So much, much more!

SAICE has various and valuable sponsorship opportunities. Things like the

  • Awards

  • Presidential inauguration

  • Bridge building

  • Aqualibrium water competition

  • Civil talks

  • Student webinars

  • IP National Showdown

All are different, have niche definable target markets and distinct special advantages.

Our next available sponsorship opportunity is the

IP National Showdown on 4 April 2023

The civil engineering university research and investigation project is part of the national curriculum for final year civil engineering undergraduate students. The student teams then present their findings to a panel of judges, which comprises both selected industry leaders and non-engineers.

Five sponsorship packages are available from R75 000 to R8 000 (excl. VAT).

Contact for more info

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