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MEGA - Make ENGINEERING Great Again!

The Jan/Feb issue of Civil Engineering magazine, the official publication of The South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE) is a souvenir Premium Presidential edition

SAICE IS CELEBRATING ITS 120TH ANNIVERSARY in 2023, and Mr. Steven Kaplan is the president for this important year. The theme for the year ahead is “Make ENGINEERING Great Again - MEGA” This edition will most certainly warrant and attract special attention from SAICE members and other key players in the civil engineering industry. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to reach a very valuable audience AND to reach them at the best time of the year when our readers are fresh and open to new approaches and doing things differently.

Mr. Kaplan's address will be published in full in the Jan/Feb issue. Join hands with SAICE as we work to

  • target decision makers responsible for prioritising resource and budget allocations relating to infrastructure

  • highlight the role of civil engineering in the provision and maintenance of infrastructure

  • emphasize the need to re-engage our local professionals to develop and train graduates

So let’s Make Engineering Great Again – MEGA and get infrastructure back on track

Show your commitment to partnering with SAICE's vital focus in 2023 with your message in the first edition of Civil Engineering for the year. Contact us to find out more here

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