• lauren6607

Nice to meet you!

Avenue is shifting up a gear! In line with new trends and developments that provide turbo-charged opportunities for us to connect, we bring you a modernised website which is easy to navigate. It allows you to interface directly with our marketing platforms and channels, or to approach us via our Avenue website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, wherever suits you best. Now with representation in Cape Town, Durban and Joburg, and in line with the global movement towards virtual working arrangements, our website and social media platforms provide for easy access to us.

The makeover is one thing, but with more concentration on our digital future, our existing clients, customers and supporters will enjoy the easy access to our marketing and advertising platforms as well as social media amplification of your partnership with us.

It would indeed be nice to meet you - in person, telephonically, via a Skype meeting, or online. Let’s chat about how it works and what we can do to advance your marketing objectives.