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Leverage the growth of your business from the industry association.

I have a good friend who runs a successful import/export/freight business. He attributes his business growth to the benefits from promotions via the industry associations in his sector.

SECUREX announced at their recent briefing that they will be promoting the event via the media platforms of Security Focus Africa.

What do they know that you need to know?

SFA is the partner of SASA - the Security Association of SA. SFA gives you access to the SASA Association.

Security companies who are using the SFA marketing platforms are enjoying response rates that are worthy of your attention, for example:


Company A enjoyed:


Company B enjoyed:


Company C enjoyed:


You can too.

Need to grow your business? Want to leverage the advantages and benefits of the industry association?

For as little as R5 000 monthly (excl. VAT), you can do the same.

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