• lauren6607

Let's meet the Avenue team!

In this morning’s BizNews Daily Insider, Alec Hogg reflects on the WEF at Davos and makes the following statement:

Underpinning stakeholder capitalism is the appreciation that 75% of an employee’s net worth to a business is their values and ethics and only 25% their technical competence.

This has always been my view at The Avenue Company. With the right attitude, technical competence can usually be taught. Nice to have it so clearly defined by Alec. So, I would like to introduce you to my office manager, Lauren Esterhuizen.

Lauren’s value to my business is all about her character. No question that she is completely technically competent as well. But her real value comes from her emotional intelligence, her caring enough about the business to give passionate advice, and her commitment to doing the right things. Here’s to you Lauren!

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