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International year of basic sciences for sustainable development

QUEST: Science for South Africa Vol 18.2 promises to be a jam-packed edition including numerous articles and features around this theme.

With a distribution of 5 000 copies per edition and a readership of at least 18 000, you can't afford to miss taking advantage of this focus to reach our wide, targeted audience consisting of:

  • The general public

  • Youth in and out of school and tertiary institutions. With a strong interest in science and mathematics, these learners and students are destined to become thought leaders and influential opinion-formers

  • Government Departments (DSI and DBE)

  • Lecturers, Teachers and Head of Departments

Ad Space is Limited!

Contact us now to reserve your spot in this edition.

Why not amplify your magazine placement and include a large leaderboard online banner on the Questonline Home Page?

Call Barbara on 011 463 7940 or click the button below to send us an email.

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