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How VBKOM got their ROI by reaching the right audience

Last year when a leading engineering consultancy approached us needing to recruit staff, we reviewed the scenario, the situation and the strategy with their Human Capital Officer, Langanani Ilefo, and Senior Marketing Officer, Chantelle van der Walt.


Senior Marketing Officer Human Capital Officer

After looking at the possibilities, and discussing the various options with Wendy Lopes of The Avenue Company, Chantelle went ahead with a well-crafted recruitment advert on the website of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. ( )

Chantelle’s assessment of the campaign was that she was immensely impressed not only with the number of responses to the advert, but also the calibre of the applicants who responded and VBKOM filled the position swiftly and successfully. Chantelle said to Wendy that “We are so pleased with the response to our adverts in November and December, given the time of the year and that the banner adverts provided VBKOM with the right caliber of applicants for the positions advertised and we will definitely advertise with SAIMM again when the need arises

There are always many platforms to choose from for your recruitment messages, whether a specific vacancy or a branding promotion for employment at your company. What is key here is that your message reaches the right quality of audience that is likely to provide the right ROI. In this instance, it most certainly did!

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