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How to increase your marketing exposure to the civil and construction market in 2020

Now is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company’s offerings in the upcoming Jan/Feb edition of SAICE’s official magazine, Civil Engineering. This will give your company the opportunity to reach over 15 000 members and a springboard for creating top of mind awareness.  The first issue of SAICE’s Civil Engineering magazine for 2020, is our combined January/February issue, our premium Presidential edition featuring the new SAICE President, Fana Marutla from GIBB. It is regarded as a souvenir edition and will most certainly warrant and attract special attention from SAICE members and other key players in the civil engineering industry.

Over and above our usual topics, this edition will also carry subfeatures on: 

  • IT & technology

  • Legal aspects of engineering

  • HR, health & safety


Civil engineers design, build, and maintain the foundation for our modern society – our roads and bridges, sea ports and airports, drinking water and energy systems, and the infrastructure for a cleaner environment, thus the award-winning, flagship monthly magazine of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE), Civil Engineering appeals to a broad range of readers who represent the full spectrum of civil engineering disciplines.

If this audience is of interest to you, let us know if we can assist you with a 2020 marketing plan.