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How the right balance of targeting can work (narrow, contextual and broad reach targeting)

You know you need to grow your customer base now. But you also realise the very real value of brand recognition with upcoming clients, young leaders, and future employees.

You can do both effectively, and efficiently by

1. Telling your story and your values in the July edition of Civil Engineering magazine feature on CONSTRUCTION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT

2. Partnering on SAICE’s International BRIDGE BUILDING competition in August.

This can be done together for as little as R43 832 (excl. VAT). How? A full-page company profile in our July feature gives you highly interactive, trackable responses using media science techniques that work. And the SAICE media promotion of your Bridge Building sponsorship provides direct event networking across South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe as well as broad reach targeting for optimal effectiveness. Use these combined narrow and contextual targeting strategies to show guaranteed results.

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