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Have you considered using SAICE Sponsorship platforms to achieve your marketing goals?

SAICE has various excellent options at cost-effective rates for stretching your budget. Events span the entire spectrum from virtual, to hybrid, to specialized, to prestigious, to live physical and niche channels all offering distinctly different audiences and unique propositions. What would suit your promotional needs and objectives?

  • Prestigious events like Awards and Presidential Inauguration?

  • Webinars (from technical topics to general interest)?

  • A niche, training/educational oriented newsletter?

  • Bridge building competition?

  • Civil Talks?

  • IP National Showdown?

  • Water competition?

  • or something else?

Interested? Can we show you our menu?

If you would like to enquire about advertising on SAICE platforms contact Barbara Spence (011) 463 7940

Interested? Can we show you our menu?

Interested? Can we show you our menu