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First call for SAICE Awards is out!


Sponsor one of the biggest engineering events in the industry!

Every year SAICE (The South African Institution of Civil Engineering) host their annual awards, which give recognition to well-engineered civil and construction engineering projects and honour those companies and individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the profession.


Sponsors of this prestigious, high profile event are able, by association, to position themselves alongside SAICE’s well-respected record of accomplishment and celebrated reputation. As always, the premium sponsorship opportunities are the most in demand and the ones offering the best returns on your association. Capitalize on the early submissions and guarantee your spot today! Furthermore, it provides the platform to:

  • Congratulate and commend those that have made an impact in the built environment

  • Generate strong leads

  • Strengthen your brand image and media exposure

  • Attract top industry talent

  • Put your business front and centre

  • Deliver great ROI

Align your business with SAICE, a highly respected association in the industry

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