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Fire - can you address and contribute to the concerns?

Fire is an essential service, yes. But fire is also an area where it is difficult to get attention until the consequences are dire. Particularly in SA, where there are unfortunate stories of shortages of fire trucks and equipment resulting in losses of life and property, it is an emotive topic.

Resources in our municipalities and fire services seem stretched to service rapid urbanisation areas.

The unique challenges in informal settlements is another cause for concern.

The climate crisis and water scarcity add to our fears around our abilities, our facilities, and our capabilities.

It is both urgent and important for our country for the fire industry and for relevant businesses to address all the issues impacting this essential service.

Partner with the Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa (FPASA) to tell our audience of fire professionals about the part you play in this sector. FPASA members look to their quarterly, digital Fire Protection magazine for the latest news for knowledge, and for information.

Nurture the demand for your solutions and grow your market share by getting your message to the right people, the readers of the Fire Protection publication. It is a valuable resource for the industry and the perfect platform for your presence.

Our latest edition is just out and can be viewed HERE.

Let’s chat about how we can collaborate. Contact

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