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Engage your target market by sponsoring SAICE's exciting 2024 events!

Celebrate success with other industry leaders, decision-makers, market players and your current and future clients.  SAICE’s sponsorship opportunities are THE way to achieve your marketing goals and business objectives.  You can’t sell to a person who doesn’t know you and this level of engagement works well.

Our industry-acclaimed events span the entire spectrum from virtual to hybrid, specialized to prestigious to live physical and niche channels, all offering distinctly different audiences and unique propositions.

Your reputation rockets when you work alongside SAICE.  The “halo effect” is real.  Leverage this!

  • Is water your business?  Sponsor the SAICE Aqualibrium Water Competition on 9 – 10 May and position yourselves as leaders in this sector.  

  • Are you involved with building bridges?  Then sponsor the SAICE International Bridge Building Competition to build your bridges between people, cultures and countries.  

  • Are you an award winning organisation?  Associate yourself with the 2024 SAICE Awards, one of the biggest award ceremonies on the calendar.  

  • Want to align your business with the new SAICE President and his vision for the future?  The SAICE Presidential Inauguration carries support and alliance from an A list with huge gravitas. 

These and more opportunities are ways to elevate your engagement and to grow the love for your brand.  Ask us for some options to suit you.

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