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The electrical engineering industry has never been more buoyant (or the waters more rough). Demand for skills, education and energy solutions has never been higher.

As always in these situations, corporates and consumers are most keen to contract with suppliers who are accredited and respected by the industry experts, in this case, the

Promoting your products and services in the official publication of the SAIEE, wattnow, therefore makes hugely good business sense.

Do so in the October and November 2022 editions of wattnow and we will make sure that you:

  1. Get valuable, free company branding content in wattnow

  2. Get a free banner ad in the SAIEE Chronicle emailed out to the inboxes of powerful influencers in this sector

  3. Receive broader social media exposure under the "halo effect" of the SAIEE postings

Our October edition will include features and articles on Cable Accessories, Management Systems and Jointing.

Our November edition will include features and articles on Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics and Transport Technologies.

Both our wattnow October and November editions will be well read in the industry.

You can capitalise on SAIEE credibility and amplify your marketing message for under R10 000 and premium exposure on offer for less than R25 000!

Worth exploring?

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