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Digitize your message on SAICE’s powerful platforms

The SAICE website allows you to create engaging ads in multiple formats and target people who actually need your product or service in a cost-effective and very measurable manner. The SAICE website has a number of different banner options, accommodating all budgets, big or small. Average Monthly Statistics:

  • Unique Pageviews: 9 729

  • Pageviews: 60 000

Online advertising option example:

  • Size: Vertical Banner on the SAICE website

  • Months: September - December 2020

  • Total Rate: R8 256 (excl vat) for 4 months (an unbeatable option!!!)

2. SAICE NEWSLETTER - The SAICE newsletter is sent every second week to the inboxes of 14 000 SAICE members and provides companies with a targeted reach to this desired market, which in turn creates brand awareness and can be pivotal in increasing your website traffic

  • Once-off newsletter placement rate: R6 494 (excl vat)

  • Multiple newsletter placements rate: R5 843 (excl vat, per newsletter)

3. #EngAge - This exciting digital digest is dedicated and sent out to SAICE engineering practitioners under the age of 35. It can accommodate corporate videos, live links, and links to company interviews directly from your advert. Based in the digital medium, #EngAge automatically creates unlimited opportunities for interactivity – articles are linked to authors’ social media, blogs and websites. Content can also be shared at leisure, creating an endless viral stream.

Digital advertising creates powerful opportunities for businesses to succeed and create top of mind awareness. Let us know if we can put together a proposal for your consideration to fit in line with your marketing budget