• barbara388

Digital Tip of the Week: How should you use animated .gifs for your marketing efforts?

Marketing on business and institutional websites is a useful way of being seen in the right place, by the right people - But what you put on your marketing material also has to resonate with the audience you are reaching out to. Most websites allow a number of formats to be used, and one of the most effective formats is the animated .gif.

There are a number of tutorials online on how to create these if you want to do so yourself. But what should you use them for?

  • Showcase a new product, with different viewpoints or ideas of where that product can be used. Also useful as a tutorial on how to use a product or service.

  • Highlight research or data sets in a fun, interesting way, that gets audiences excited to find out more.

  • Present your brands’ unique identity or corporate image. This is particularly useful for brand awareness campaigns.

  • Thank someone or highlight an important person or client with a short video presented using these images.

Keep in mind that animations allow you to tell a story, and can be used to effectively drive sales and interest in your business. So make sure that your animated .gif gets people to want to click through to find out more.