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BizNews - What we have that is better in the "new normal"

How quickly our perspectives have changed. Think back to the “old normal”. If you had organised an event, a conference or a seminar or a workshop, would you have been happy with 300 delegates attending?

How happy would you feel about partnering on a webinar that could attract four times that quantity? A webinar

  • Where there is a sense of community among the attendees.

  • Where the level of engagement is high.

  • Where you have a recording of the event live and available on a website visited by nearly one million unique visitors every month.

  • And which is hosted by a trusted publisher held in high esteem by both a SA and UK audience.

BizNews is boasting some very impressive statistics and growth percentages.

  • An open rate for the Daily Insider newsletter of 35%

  • Nearly 1 million podcast downloads in a month

  • Webinar attendees growth YOY of over 1000%

Is this a worthwhile audience for your message? Can I tell you more about the BizNews demographics? Click here for more information on BizNews.

There are exciting marketing options to fit your business needs

Some things are just better in the “new normal”. Can we discuss how this can work for you?