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Be a part of our Quiz competition in our June edition of SAICE's magazine

Yes, it could sound too good to be true, but the June Water Engineering edition of Civil Engineering magazine will do exactly that – guarantee attention to your advert! Let me explain. To deal with the current challenges under lockdown, all the editions of Civil Engineering since March have been distributed to our 14 000 SAICE members and subscribers via their email addresses, going straight into their inboxes, and viewable on the SAICE website as well. This has enabled quick and immediate distribution and circulation. Conversations in media circles recently have all been about the surge in digital readership figures (globally and locally) with digitisation of media. That doesn’t always necessarily translate into notice, attention and awareness. So to ensure and guarantee that our advertisers get the recall you want, the June Water Engineering edition will include a quiz with a R10 000 cash prize. Readers need to click on the link in your advert to get an answer to the quiz and enter the competition.

In these unusual times now, it is more essential than ever to get the best exposure from your marketing.  Want to drive traffic to your website and generate business leads and enquiries? Then advertise smartly in the June Civil Engineering magazine and capture all the attention you can. This should excite you.  It will most definitely work.

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