• nicole10388

Automation and Robotics, electrical engineers are the decision makers!

Industrial automation & robotics have huge varieties of applications. Innovations often come from targeted applications. If you have case studies to showcase your solutions to the SAIEE members, then this is a perfect opportunity. Electrical Engineers are key decision makers in the automation of plants and for using robotics in the projects they are in charge of, making them an audience that should interest you.

Automation - the way of the future, no question! Tell our readers how they can make this happen. Sell your cost reduction benefits. Market the way your products and solutions can decrease wastage. Spotlight how your processes can streamline improvements. Tell readers about all the advantages.

This is a key aspect in the life of an electrical engineer. Automation just makes life easier. Use some sponsored content or a company profile to drive your sales.

The October issue of wattnow magazine features Automation in all its forms - robotics, mechatronics and electronics. Deadline is the 4th October. To reserve a position, consider taking a package deal incorporating a full page print advert and an online rotating leader board advert for only R20 075 ex vat