• nicole10388

August Environmental Civil Engineering edition - time to get going again!

It’s back to business now and Civil Engineering’s annual August feature on Environmental Issues is the place and the time to get going again. It covers renewable energy, mining and also fire engineering. Once again, with our monthly quiz prize of R10 000, we effectively drive guaranteed attention to the ads. So advertising here is the way to go to grow your business.

There is only one premium advertising position still available - the Inside Front Cover @ R23 398 (excl. VAT) but we can accommodate all ad sizes within the body of the magazine.

Actually, Civil Engineering magazine is the perfect platform for your marketing message at any time of the year. With the highest circulation in the sector, the lowest ad rates, and the engagement and attention from an influential audience, we have innovative marketing options to ensure that you build demand for your business. The cost is small and the opportunities are big. Start with the August Environmental Edition.